MathCoders: Enhancing Mathematical Reasoning of Open-Source Language Models

A group of researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and City University of Hong Kong have developed a new method to significantly improve the…

Linux Copilot: Interacting with Linux Desktop via GPTs

The Linux Copilot project uses Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPTs) to perform tasks on your Linux desktop. It creates an authenticated API server that listens for requests from your GPT and…


Apple joins AI fray with release of model framework

Mojo Combines Python’s Ease with Performance of C++, Rust

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New theory claims to unite Einstein’s gravity with quantum mechanics

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LangChain, LangSmith & LLM Guided Tree-of-Thought

OpenCopilot: 🤖 🔥 AI Copilot for your own SaaS product. Shopify Sidekick alternative.

unsloth: 5X faster 50% less memory LLM finetuning

MathCoders: Enhancing Mathematical Reasoning of Open-Source Language Models

New Research Questions Existence of Black Hole Singularities

Amazon’s Q has ‘severe hallucinations’ and leaks confidential data in public preview, employees warn

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Chinese Court’s Landmark Ruling: AI Images Can be Copyrighted


unsaged: Open source chat kit engineered for seamless interaction with AI models.

llamafile is the new best way to run a LLM on your own computer

Deconstructing RAG

Starling-7B: Increasing LLM Helpfulness & Harmlessness with RLAIF

llm-ollama-invoice-cpu: Data extraction with LLM on CPU

Dark matter may be hiding in the Large Hadron Collider’s particle jets

Six-Planet System in Perfect Harmony Shocks Scientists


Stability AI Introduces SDXL Turbo: A Real-Time Text-to-Image Generation Model

Amazon’s Q AI assistant lets users ask questions about their company’s data

gpt-researcher: GPT based autonomous agent that does online comprehensive research on any given topic

AutoTrain – Hugging Face

Microsoft is Locking Down Search for Public Code on GitHub

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Linux Copilot: Interacting with Linux Desktop via GPTs

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