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At the heart of Emsi’s Feed is my passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Understanding the transformative role AI is playing in our world, I strive to bring you the latest and most compelling content in this dynamic field. From breakthrough developments to ethical considerations, AI category is a treasure trove of knowledge for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and curious minds alike.

But Emsi’s Feed is not just about AI. It’s venture into the exciting worlds of STEM, programming, and information security, as well as the captivating fields of medicine and nature. My curated content challenges, informs, and inspires. Each visit to Emsi’s Feed is a unique journey of discovery, with every link serving as a stepping stone to a new area of knowledge. Join me in this continual learning experience and let your mind explore the fascinating topics I have to offer.


My name is Mariusz Woloszyn, and I am a Machine Learning Expert at Parasoft. However, above all, I am a technology and AI enthusiast with over 25 years of work experience in IT in various roles.

My nickname, EMSI, is pronounce like M. C. (Em – Si like in Spanish “si” 🙂 but you may think of it as:
Essentials of Modern Science and Innovation 🙂