This Makes Me Angry: the Mysterious Explosion on the Moon Shouldn’t Have Happened

The mysterious explosion on the Moon caused by a Chinese rocket booster that crashed on March 4, 2022, highlights the potential threat to peaceful space exploration and the need for transparency and cooperation. The incident raises concerns about the regulation of international space law and the potential risks of harmful contamination of celestial objects. Furthermore, with nations seeking to mine the Moon’s resources and set up bases, the issue of appropriation of space and resources is becoming increasingly problematic. The video also highlights the increasing trend of militarization in space and the potential risks that come with it. To avoid escalation of space-based arms races, countries need to work together to create a regulatory framework that curtails illegal activities. The speaker invites viewers to appreciate space’s natural beauty and check out the Astrum Displate collection featuring real imagery of planets and moons, providing a discount code in the description.
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