Devin, the first AI software engineer

Meet Devin, the pioneering AI software engineer developed by Cognition, an applied AI lab focused on reasoning. Devin represents a breakthrough in AI capabilities, boasting the ability to autonomously plan and execute complex engineering tasks, learn from experience, and collaborate with human engineers in real time. Equipped with common developer tools and a sandboxed environment, Devin can build and deploy applications, find and fix bugs, and even fine-tune its own AI models.

In a remarkable display of proficiency, Devin has set a new record on the SWE-bench coding benchmark, resolving 13.86% of real-world GitHub issues unassisted, a significant leap from the previous best of 1.96%. This autonomous performance underscores Devin’s potential to revolutionize software engineering by allowing human engineers to tackle more challenging problems.

Cognition, backed by a $21 million Series A funding and industry leaders, is offering early access to Devin for engineering tasks. The company, with a team decorated with IOI gold medals and experience from top tech firms, is on a mission to build AI that can reason and learn, and is inviting others who share their vision to join the endeavor.
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