Five of this year’s Pulitzer finalists are AI-powered

The Pulitzer Prizes for journalism have, for the first time, required entrants to disclose the use of AI in their reporting processes. Out of 1,200 submissions, five finalists acknowledged utilizing AI tools. This move reflects the Pulitzer Board’s interest in understanding both the capabilities and risks associated with AI in journalism, prompted by the technology’s growing prevalence and concerns about its impact.

The board, which did not consider restricting AI use, received an educational primer on AI applications in newsrooms from experts at Columbia Journalism School and other industry leaders. They covered topics like large language models, copyright law, data privacy, and bias in machine learning.

Meanwhile, the George Polk Awards are also adapting to the AI-integrated industry, planning to develop an AI disclosure policy. The Polk Awards, which honor investigative reporters, are deliberating on how generative AI fits with the spirit of their accolade, emphasizing the human element and moral judgment in reporting.

Both awards are navigating the rapidly changing AI landscape, considering the implications of recognizing work assisted by AI while maintaining the integrity of human-driven journalism.
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