GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise is now generally available at $39 a month

GitHub has launched Copilot Enterprise, a new version of its AI-powered code completion tool designed for large businesses, priced at $39 per month. This advanced plan includes features from the Business plan, such as IP indemnity, and adds the ability to access an organization’s internal code and knowledge base. The integration with Microsoft Bing allows developers to get up-to-date information on open source libraries or APIs. Additionally, GitHub plans to introduce a fine-tuning capability that lets companies optimize the AI model based on their own code repositories, which is particularly beneficial for less common programming languages or proprietary internal libraries.

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke emphasized the demand for referencing internal processes and tools within organizations, which differs from public coding practices. The upcoming fine-tuning feature abstracts the complexity of generative AI, enabling customized models that reflect an organization’s specific coding environment. While the Bing integration is currently exclusive to the Enterprise version, there’s potential for it to extend to other tiers in the future.

Dohmke also shared insights into the future direction of Copilot, aiming to integrate it more seamlessly into developers’ existing workflows on GitHub. Despite the platform’s updates, GitHub does not plan to differentiate pricing based on the size of the AI models, focusing instead on optimizing for different use cases to ensure ethical, compliant, and secure outputs.
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