Introducing the next generation of Claude

Introducing the Claude 3 model family, a new benchmark in AI intelligence, with three models tailored for different performance needs: Claude 3 Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus. These models excel in cognitive tasks, offering a spectrum of capabilities from rapid response to deep comprehension. Opus, the most advanced, shines in benchmarks like MMLU and GPQA, and exhibits near-human fluency in complex tasks. All models are adept at analysis, content creation, and multilingual conversation.

The Claude 3 models also boast impressive speed, with Haiku being the fastest and Sonnet twice as quick as its predecessors. They feature advanced vision capabilities, handling diverse visual formats with ease. Notably, these models show fewer refusals and improved accuracy, with Opus doubling the correct answer rate compared to Claude 2.1.

The family is designed with a responsible approach, addressing biases and safety concerns while maintaining AI Safety Level 2. They are user-friendly, capable of following complex instructions, and producing structured outputs like JSON.

Opus and Sonnet are currently available through the Claude API and various platforms, with Haiku coming soon. As AI continues to evolve, the Claude 3 family promises frequent updates and new features, ensuring smarter, faster, and safer AI tools for a wide range of applications.
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