Atari Ends Decades-Long Rivalry by Acquiring Intellivision

In a landmark move reminiscent of a major industry shakeup, Atari has acquired Intellivision, effectively ending one of the video game industry’s longest-standing rivalries. This acquisition sees Atari taking control of the Intellivision brand and its extensive library of over 200 games. Atari’s plans include expanding the distribution of Intellivision’s legacy games, both digitally and physically, potentially developing new titles, and exploring further brand and licensing opportunities.

However, the deal notably excludes the Intellivision Amico, a console project led by Tommy Tallarico, which was initially set to launch in 2020. Intellivision will undergo a rebranding and continue its development, with Atari granting licensing rights for featuring Intellivision games on the Amico console. This move is seen as a step towards broadening the collaboration between the two companies, with Intellivision CEO Phil Adam expressing enthusiasm for bringing new titles to the Amico platform.

Atari, known for its focus on retro gaming, has been revitalizing its brand by relaunching mini versions of its consoles and supporting the re-release of its classic games on modern platforms. The acquisition of Intellivision, a company that sold around 5 million units of its home console by 1990, marks a significant expansion of Atari’s portfolio in the retro gaming sector.
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