“I’m a Mac” Guy Switches Sides Again: From Mac to Snapdragon in Qualcomm’s Latest Skit

Justin Long, Apple’s once-beloved “I’m a Mac” guy, seems to have switched sides yet again. After defecting to Intel, Long made a surprising appearance at Qualcomm’s Computex 2024 keynote, humorously highlighting his frustration with macOS through a series of annoying notifications. He’s now eyeing Snapdragon-powered PCs as his next tech partnership.

In his original stint with Apple, Long personified the cool, virus-free Mac user, playfully taunting the PC’s susceptibility to malware and lack of creative flair. Fast forward to today, and he’s searching for a Windows on Arm PC amidst a comedic barrage of macOS pop-ups about app compatibility and battery life.

The skit was part of Qualcomm’s “the PC reborn” keynote, aiming to tout the benefits of the new Snapdragon X Elite chips featured in the upcoming Copilot Plus PCs. Microsoft isn’t staying silent either, confidently comparing its benchmarks and battery life to Apple’s MacBook Air.

It appears the Mac vs. PC rivalry is heating up again, with both camps throwing punches through celebrity endorsements and performance claims. One thing’s clear: in the tech world, as Justin Long quipped, “Things do change.”