Brave Leo, the AI browser assistant, now features Mixtral for improved performance | Brave

Brave has updated its desktop browser to include Mixtral 8x7B as the default large language model (LLM) for its AI assistant, Leo. Mixtral, an open-source LLM known for its speed and performance, outperforms competitors like ChatGPT 3.5 and Llama 2, and is praised for reducing biases and hallucinations. It supports multiple languages and can generate code, aligning with Brave’s commitment to open models.

Leo users can now enjoy improved performance with Mixtral, while still having the option to use other models like Claude Instant and Llama 2. The free version of Leo has strict rate limits, while the premium version, at $15 per month, offers higher limits. Both versions ensure privacy with anonymous inputs through a reverse-proxy, no chat recording, and no requirement for an account or login.

Brave Leo, available since November, is integrated directly into the browser, facilitating tasks like summarizing webpages, translating, and content generation. The update aims to enhance user interaction with the web and is expected to drive greater adoption of Leo. The mobile version for Android and iOS is set to release soon.
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