How ChatGPT turns something creepy into something cleverly creepy

Boston Dynamics has taken a creative leap in humanizing their robot dog, Spot, by integrating ChatGPT into its system. This fusion has enabled Spot to interact with humans in a more sophisticated and personable manner, reminiscent of a well-mannered butler. The robot dog can now guide visitors around the company’s facilities, answer questions with a semblance of corporate sincerity, and even express itself in various personas, from a Shakespearean Time Traveler to a sarcastic commentator named Josh.

The experiment is part of a broader effort to make robots less intimidating and more relatable to humans. By combining ChatGPT with new image captioning, visual question-answering models, and advanced voice recognition and creation software, Boston Dynamics is exploring how these technologies can enhance robotic interactions. The result is a robot that can not only perform tasks but also engage in a way that feels more intuitive and engaging for people, potentially expanding the roles and acceptance of robots in everyday life.
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