Phind-70B closes the code quality gap with GPT-4 while running 4x faster

Phind, the startup behind the AI assistant of the same name, has released their largest language model yet – Phind-70B. With 70 billion parameters, Phind-70B represents the company’s biggest leap in AI capabilities to date. In benchmarks, Phind-70B achieves comparable performance to OpenAI’s recently revealed GPT-4 Turbo on natural language tasks. However, Phind claims to have a substantial speed advantage, with 4x faster inference than GPT-4. This could give Phind an edge for interactive applications like code autocomplete and generation.

According to Phind, their Phind-70B model achieves a score of 82.3% on the HumanEval benchmark, slightly surpassing GPT-4 Turbo’s 81.1%. On code-specific tasks, the metrics are closer – Phind-70B scored 59% on CRUXEval versus GPT-4’s 62%. However, Phind argues these benchmarks don’t fully capture real-world use cases. They claim that for code generation, Phind-70B matches or exceeds GPT-4 Turbo’s quality in side-by-side testing.

The key differentiator Phind is emphasizing is speed. Thanks to optimizations like TensorRT, Phind-70B can generate up to 80 tokens per second, compared to around 20 for GPT-4. This 4x throughput could make Phind more responsive for interactive coding applications. The model also supports longer context with 32,000 tokens.

With Phind-70B, Phind is staking a claim as a legitimate challenger to OpenAI in large language models tailored for programming. So far, OpenAI has led the pack with models like Codex and GPT-3. Phind is positioning their assistant as optimized specifically for developers’ needs – faster, more detailed code generation without the “laziness” of GPT-4.

The ramifications remain to be seen. Highly capable AI coding assistants could fundamentally change how software is written. For now, Phind has staked their claim and put the AI world on notice with their ambitious Phind-70B model.


Phind promised to release the weights of Phind-34B, a smaller cousin of Phind-70B, and eventually even those of the larger one as well.

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