iOS 18’s Vehicle Motion Cues: A Novel Solution to Combat Motion Sickness

iOS 18 introduces a novel feature aimed at alleviating motion sickness for iPhone users, a common issue that prevents many from engaging with screens while traveling. Dubbed Vehicle Motion Cues, this functionality seeks to minimize the sensory conflict between what the eyes see and the brain perceives by displaying animated dots that move in response to the vehicle’s motion. This innovative approach could potentially make screen time more bearable for those affected by motion sickness, although its effectiveness may vary from person to person.

To access Vehicle Motion Cues, users must navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Motion on an iPhone running iOS 18 and enable the feature. Additionally, it can be added to the iPhone’s Control Center for easier toggling on and off, depending on the user’s immediate need. However, as iOS 18 is currently in beta, Apple advises against installing it on a primary device due to potential risks like system instability or app crashes. This feature represents a thoughtful addition to iOS, potentially enhancing the experience for passengers prone to motion sickness, though its real-world utility remains to be seen as more users adopt iOS 18.
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