How Modern GPUs Make Your Passwords Vulnerable in Minutes

Despite the advancements in cybersecurity, a staggering 59% of real-world passwords are susceptible to hacking within an hour. Hackers utilize modern GPUs, like the RTX 4090, which can decipher an 8-character password composed of letters and numbers in mere seconds. This vulnerability extends to passwords hashed with algorithms like MD5 and SHA-1, which are easily cracked using techniques such as brute force and smart guessing algorithms.

Smart guessing algorithms exploit human predictability in choosing passwords, focusing first on common combinations. This method proves remarkably efficient, with 45% of passwords in a study of 193 million compromised ones being deciphered in less than a minute. These algorithms also effectively bypass common substitutions like “pa$$word” for “password.”

To bolster security, users are urged to create complex passwords using tools like Kaspersky Password Manager, avoid reusing passwords, and activate two-factor authentication. Continuous vigilance in monitoring for data leaks is also essential to protect sensitive information.

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