Mystery of LG washing machine using 3.6GB of data daily could have a simple explanation

An LG washing machine unexpectedly reported using 3.6GB of data daily, raising concerns about the security of internet-connected appliances. The owner, a self-described FinTech Geek named Johnie, discovered the anomaly through his Asus router interface, which showed the washing machine’s disproportionate data usage, accounting for nearly 5% of his daily internet traffic.

The incident sparked speculation about potential hacking, recalling the 2017 HomeHack vulnerability in LG’s SmartThinQ home appliances that could allow attackers to take control of devices. Some joked the washing machine might be used for cryptomining, referencing the concept of ‘laundering’ Bitcoin.

Johnie responded by blocking the device on his router. A follow-up post suggested the high data usage was likely a reporting error by the Asus router interface, a theory supported by other users who had experienced similar software glitches.

This event highlights the skepticism surrounding IoT device security, as initial reactions leaned more towards a security breach rather than a simple software error, reflecting the prevailing wariness about the safety of smart home technology.
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