sicat: The useful exploit finder

SiCat is a sophisticated exploit search tool that enhances cybersecurity efforts by enabling professionals to quickly identify and gather information on vulnerabilities from various sources. It stands out for its dual capability to scour through online databases and local repositories, streamlining the process of finding potential security threats.

The tool integrates with prominent databases such as Exploit-DB, Packetstorm Security, Exploit Alert, the NVD Database, and Metasploit Modules. Installation is straightforward, requiring a simple pip command to install necessary dependencies.

Usage of SiCat is command-line based, with a variety of options to tailor the search process, including keyword searches, version-specific queries, and integration with nmap outputs. It supports various output formats, such as JSON and HTML, for easy analysis and reporting.

SiCat is not only a resourceful tool for current cybersecurity needs but also an open project inviting contributions. Users are encouraged to report bugs or suggest improvements, fostering a collaborative environment for ongoing development and refinement of this valuable security resource.
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