Unmodified NVIDIA CUDA apps can now run on AMD GPUs thanks to ZLUDA

ZLUDA, a project initially aimed at running NVIDIA CUDA applications on Intel hardware, has pivoted to enable the same functionality on AMD GPUs. The project, which was once discontinued and later revived with AMD’s support, allows CUDA apps to run on AMD hardware through the HIP/ROCm platform without any code modifications. Although AMD has ceased its backing, the project’s developer has released ZLUDA as open-source software, allowing the community to contribute to its development.

Performance tests by Phoronix show that CUDA-enabled software can now operate seamlessly on Radeon GPUs using the ZLUDA library, with some applications like Blender 4.0 running faster on ZLUDA than on AMD’s native HIP renderer. The open-source nature of ZLUDA promises continued improvements and potentially expanding support to features like NVIDIA DLSS on Radeon hardware. Despite AMD’s withdrawal from the project, the developer Andrzej Janik remains committed to advancing ZLUDA, with ongoing updates and benchmark comparisons available on the project’s GitHub page.
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