lumentis: AI powered one-click comprehensive docs from transcripts and text.

Lumentis is a tool designed to transform transcripts and unstructured data into beautifully crafted documentation with minimal effort. With a simple command, users can generate documents that are easy to navigate and tailored to specific themes and audiences. The process involves feeding the tool a transcript, selecting preferences, and then waiting for the document to be created, ready for deployment on platforms like Vercel.

The tool offers flexibility by allowing users to switch between different AI models to balance cost and complexity, ensuring both intricate and long-form sections are handled efficiently. Lumentis provides a cost estimate before running, remembers user responses for seamless restarts, and maintains transparency by storing all interactions in a dedicated folder.

Examples of Lumentis-generated documents include a range of topics from physics lectures to AI mechanics in video games, showcasing its versatility. Upcoming features promise to add functionalities like folder organization, PDF creation, and auto-transcription.

For developers interested in contributing, the project is open for collaboration on GitHub, with a preference for the ‘bun’ runtime for its speed, although npm and yarn are also compatible. The project welcomes users to try it out and share their experiences to further refine the tool.
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